Rental Equipment Price List

 DailyWeekend  8 Weekly
Wetsuit  135.0050.0080.00
DrySuit50.00 100.00200.00
Regulator  225.0030.0070.00
Air Cylinder 50-72cf  3,412.0015.0030.00
Air Cylinder 80cf  3,415.0025.0045.00
Nitrox Cylinder alum 80  58.0012.0025.00
Nitrox Cylinder HP Steel 100  512.0015.0040.00
Buoyancy Compensator Device  (BCD)  620.0025.0060.00
vinyl coated lead /lb..15.20.50
weight belt2.004.008.00
Metal Detector25.0045.0090.00
back pack2.504.008.00
digital uw camera25.0030.0070.00
Diver Propulsion Vehicle (DPV) 725.0050.00100.00
Sidemount System complete  990.00150.00300.00
Guardian Full Face Mask with Communications System  1050.00100.00180.00

1 Wetsuits are 7mm 'Nixie Ultra' and 'Velocity Ultra' one piece BARE Suits and are available in sizes small through XXXL.

2 Regulators are high performance environmentally sealed nitrox compatible systems and include octopus and Oceanic Pro Plus series dive computer.

3 Includes one Air fill

4 Rental air cylinders are available in 50, 63 and 80 aluminum, and 72 steel.

5 Does not include cost of Enriched Air fill

6 Buoyancy systems are Zeagle and Oceanic.

7 DPV certification is required

8 Weekend rate applies to any rental from Friday until Tuesday.

9 Includes Hollis SMS 100, two SM tanks and two SM regs

10 Full Face Mask Certification is required

Information in this document is subject to change without notice.