a Cascade Air Bank Calculator

for the recharging of smaller size Scuba and Paintball tanks

This calculator is designed to give you the number of refills you can expect to get from different size cylinders used as a cascade style bank system. It was designed with scuba tanks in mind, but paintball and splatball tank refills can also be calculated just as easily.


Bank Designator: Just a name that you give to each cylinder in the cascade system. If you only have two, just enter volume and pressure (PSI rating) for Bank1 and Bank2.

Minimum fill pressure is how much you need to refill your small tank to in order to be effective. The minimum bank pressure is what you need to leave in an air bank cylinder before it needs to be recharged. Never leave a tank run dry! The average starting pressure is a wild guess on your part as to what pressure the tanks you need to fill are returned to you.

The tank size to fill, is just that. Pick one from the drop down menu, or pick the very first one (User Input) so that you can enter the tank's volume when full, and it's fill pressure. The volume given must be entered in cubic feet, so if you are refilling paintball tanks that have an empty volume in cc or in2 or the like, you must convert that to cubic feet, and then to cubic feet at the rated pressure.

Click <start>, and the calculator will print out pressures remaining in the cascade bank cylinders until the filled pressure is below the Minimum Fill Pressure that you previously entered (or until all cascade tanks are at or below their Minimum Bank Pressure.

Sorry, you need a browser capable of Java support to use this calculator...