Scuba Equipment Repair and Maintenance


Fill Station
Cylinder Services
Buoyancy Compensator Services

Fill Station

  • Air Fills to 4500psi
    • Scuba
    • paintball
    • SCBA
    • Air Rifle
  • Enriched Air fills
  • Trimix

Regulator Service

  • Annual maintenance provide by factory trained technicians
  • All brands serviced
  • OCEANIC, HOLLIS, ZEAGLE, ATOMIC, and others are done in-house
  • Alternate Air Source service
  • Air activated devices (horns, etc.)
  • Oceanic Dry Valve conversion to standard filter
  • OCEANIC Alliance Service Agreement lifetime parts program honored
  • complete overhauls
  • flow bench analysis
  • custom application design
  • Oxygen cleaning for Nitrox, Trimix and Deco mixes

Cylinder service

  • provided by trained PSI (Professional Scuba Inspectors, Inc.) technicians
  • annual Visual Inspection according to PSI standards *
  • Eddy current testing of aluminum alloy 6351 cylinders according to PSI standards *****
    • Please note that most stores have chosen NOT to fill these tanks.
    • If the test is done improperly it WILL result in a false negative.
    • As a courtesy to our customers, especially those that participate in historical reenactments, we will only refill 6351 alloy tanks if we performed the eddy current test.
  • hydrostatic testing (hydro test)
  • internal re-conditioning
    • cylinder tumbling
    • sandblasting
    • moisture and particulate removal
  • exterior re-conditioning
    • re-painting
  • complete valve service
  • Oxygen Cleaning services for Nitrox service
    • flushing for PREMIX
    • tumbling for O2 service

Visual Plus Eddy current device

* Your cylinder will take a day less to service if you drain it down to 50psi before dropping it off.

***** The US Government has determined no recall is warranted although annual inspection by trained inspectors is called for in DOT and NIOSH bulletins and HM220F regulations. Sustained load cracking (SLC), a metallurgical anomaly, occasionally develops in 6351 alloy high pressure cylinders. SLC is slow growing and usually occurs in cylinders that remain filled for long periods of time. Eddy Current testing will identify SLC when done properly. However, when done improperly, false negatives can be put back in service. The majority of fill stations have withdrawn support of these cylinders for this reason. As of 1/1/2010, we will no longer fill 6351 alloy cylinders that do not have our eddy current mark. You must also realize the we may be only fill station left in upstate New York that will still be filling 6351 alloy. Effective 12/31/2015,  we will also withdraw support for the majority of these cylinders.  Certain legacy, vintage, historical and special application cylinders may continue to be supported on a  case-by-case basis.
Although Luxfer gradually phased out the 6351 alloy from 1988 to 1989, and some other manufacturers never used it at all, it has been easier for fill stations (and by extension service facilities) to accept only cylinders made after 1/1990 rather than look up the model, manufacturer, and month/year of manufacture to determine the alloy. This simplistic approach will prevent any 6351 alloy from being mistakenly filled. We will adopt the same policy so that our traveling customers are not confronted with a station not willing to fill their cylinder.
Beginning on 1/1/2014, we will offer a trade-in program for anyone wishing to upgrade to a new cylinder. We will also accept 6351 alloy tanks for recycling.


Buoyancy Compensator service

  • leak testing
  • patching
  • inflator service
  • alternate air source service
  • hp inflation device service
  • annual inspection including algaecide flush



  • leak testing
  • accuracy check
  • battery replacement service
  • upgrade paths for computers



  • patching
  • accessories (new and replacement)
    • zippers
    • spine pad
    • pockets
      • knife
      • thigh (standard and bellows)
      • jacket
  • tailoring
    • lengthen
    • shorten

Dry Suits

  • seals
  • patching
  • leak testing
  • zipper replacement
  • valve service

Information in this document is subject to change without notice.