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Conditions of Use


Terms & Conditions of Use
Throughout this notice, we will refer to "Pisces School of Dive, Inc. and Pisces Divers Supply" as "we," "us," or "our." The following terms will refer to the customer or website user: "user," "customer," "visitor," or "they." This privacy policy is in effect for all websites that are managed by Pisces School of Dive, Inc. If for some reason you, as a website user do not agree to the terms listed on this page, please stop using the services of this website as soon as possible.

Using our Websites:
By utilizing the services provided by our websites, users agree that they are 18 years of age, or at least 13 years of age with parental permission/supervision. By placing an order on a website that is provided by Pisces School of Dive, Inc., the website user agrees that they will pay the full amount of any order at the time of checkout, unless they have made prior arrangements with Pisces School of Dive, Inc.. Please note, users are not permitted to copy any content from any Pisces School of Dive, Inc. website including, but not limited to text, images, graphics, videos and downloads without written permission from the Pisces School of Dive, Inc. Website-Administration Department. Pisces School of Dive, Inc. owns all material on this website unless otherwise stated.

Orders Policy:
When an order is placed online, users agree to let Pisces School of Dive, Inc. charge the amount of the order to the provided method of payment. In the event that an item was priced incorrectly by being priced lower than the actual cost, we will notify the customer of the mistake to see what they would like to do. If an item is priced incorrectly and is priced higher on our website than the actual cost, we will charge the lower price and notify the customer of the lower cost for their records. If for some reason an order can't be filled, we will notify the customer immediantly to see what they would like to do. Pisces School of Dive, Inc. may limit the quantity of any item that one customer can purchase. Customers may be charged a fee for any payment that is returned to us such as a check.

Reviewing System & Feedback System:
Pisces School of Dive, Inc. website may contain areas where customers can leave feedback about our products or services. It is important for website users to realize that these are not the views or opinions of Pisces School of Dive, Inc., its employees, affiliates, etc. and that we are not responsible for the content of the feedback left by customers.

Product Colors:
We try very hard to provide images that are as close as possible of the products we are currently offering. Some items may appear different than the actual product due to the fact that every monitor can display colors differently. Some items that may be available in multiple colors may only have a representative single image associated with them. In this case, images of all available colors were simply not available. Customers that have questions about a product may contact us via Pisces School of Dive, Inc. helpdesk or stop in to our brick and mortar store to see and purchase the actual item.

Agreement to hold us harmless:
By using this site, website users agree to hold Pisces School of Dive, Inc. harmless for any and all damages, costs, claims etc. that result from the use of the services provided by this website.

Termination of Use:
Website users agree that Pisces School of Dive, Inc. may decide at any time, for any reason to block and/or restrict them from using and/or accessing a website provided by Pisces School of Dive, Inc. for any reason at any time without any notice. Pisces School of Dive, Inc. may suspend a customers account account or put a restriction on an account for any reason at any time without any notice.

Location Restrictions:
By using Pisces School of Dive, Inc. website, website users agree that they are from the United States of America or Canada. We only ship to United States addresses. Pisces School of Dive, Inc. may limit access to our website from certain countries and/or regions of the world. We will ship to other countries and off-world areas when prior arraingments have been made, there is ample time for clearing of payment, and purchaser agrees to pay an additional handling fee to be determined based upon country.

Third-Party Websites:
Websites provided by Pisces School of Dive, Inc. may link to other websites such as link directories, online stores or other websites. Pisces School of Dive, Inc. is not and cannot be held responsible for any content on linked sites.

Amendments to this policy:
From time to time, Pisces School of Dive, Inc. may change or amend this policy. We are not required to contact website-users when we amend our terms of use policy. When a new terms of use policy is released, it will be used over all previous versions of the policy.

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